Big is Beautiful


According the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than one billion overweight adults in the world. At least 300 million are considered obese. Obesity is defined as a condition in which the body contains an excess of body fat. The cause of obesity is common sense, the consumption of too much fatty foods and less physical exercise. At present, the level of obesity around the world ranges from below 5% in China, Japan and certain African nations, to over 75% in urban American Samoa. American Samoa is just that intsy-bintsy tiny dot that hardly anyone would notice on the map, yet we make the world Geniuses’ book by acing the obesity exam. Wow, we sure make the impossible possible here in American Samoa.

Why should we worry about it? I mean who cares if your fat, as long as your happy? Well, maybe you family or your own conscience, for obese is the grand-entrance of foreign diseases such as diabetes, heart-attack, and much more. One philosopher once said that our “teeth digs our grave” and he’s damn well right about it. The health care system should be implemented and the cause to decrease the death rates because of obesity should be addressed. A broad strategy that includes a wide range of health problem such as the death-caller obesity, would most likely produce collaborations among the peoples, the communities and the governments they represent. Such a strategy would involve modifying behavior with food, improving health systems, educating the stakeholders and changing the laws and regulations for the purpose of significantly improving the well-being of Pacific Islanders and their future generations.


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