I haven’t blogged for a while. Why you may ask? Well, for a college student, I have midterm exams this week. As a teacher, I have stayed up practicing charisma so I can teach bunch of high school students who deserted the comfyness of their beds to be at seminary (church institution) to be inspire before school starts. As the oldest (as accounted) of six terrible-laid back-loud mouths-stiffnecked-hardheaded-LOVING (ahahah) siblings, my parents delegated some huge responsibilities (did you just jinxed me? Lol) that I have to check up after every chores that aren’t mine, clean every mess they leave behind, clean and dry dishes my sister forgot (how could she?) and feed four beauty-magnifying-adorable puppies, not to mention the laundry (oooh how I hate laundries) and etc  times 1,000 (and that ladies and gentlemen is not exaggeration). But what there is to blog? I mean, nothing crazily stupid happened! It’s not like I stole my dad’s car because I was too darn slothful to catch the bus to the college, or the part where I confronted my teacher about her teaching skills, or the part where I walked in late during seminary class (as a teacher, you have to be an example and be there before the students! Especially when it comes to seminary), or when I slept in class while the teacher had all the other students eyed me for about a minute and a half (my friend told me that I was drooling! How embarrassing! Ugh) or when I told my uncle off because he merely think it to be okay to talk crap about my dad to his friends (if I find out my devilish sisters have been talking smack about me, people declare WW3 immediately-yeah that’s overstatement, I couldn’t even give them a piece of my mind without distractions) and when he almost slapped me publicly! Nothing really happened throughout my dismissal! I was pretty A-Okay (or at least what my optimism-self lies to me)! For that I vow not to miss a blog again but for today (Friday) till Monday, till we meet again!



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