When You Find Fault!

Image “I heard Rapa Nuian’s are cannibals, Chinese would go karate on you if you give them the stink eye, Arabs are terrorists, Jews are greedy, Fijians stinks, Tongans are savages dogs and horses have a hard time staying asleep afraid they may eat them, and all Americans are generally friendly, generous, and tolerant” These are all the kinds of stereotyping I find myself wondering and then to make it worst, keep my distance from these people. Grew up in Samoa my whole life with stories that have completed my selection of people I should talk to and those I should avoid. My dad would always teach me to avoid talking to strangers; my definition of strangers would be anyone who is dark skinned and has a hoodie above the head (Zimmerman’s case rings a bell?). And the ones who are not but literally they are would be people who has money or white guys (not Asians) on fancy cars Thank you Hollywood for that misconception.

            Since American Samoa is a United States’ territory, everyone else (foreigners) who are not part of it became the subject of stereotyping. It never dawned on me since now that the culture of America is to assimilate people (melting pot) and stuff assurance in our minds to trust nobody but them (don’t cha think so?). These stories dwell in our minds we have a hard time accepting that people and the world changed since the last 50 years or so. Some confided that they are afraid to travel to Europe; the Nazis would catch and burn them in large ovens. People such as vegetarians would never think of marrying Tongans, and clean freaks would never make a close contact with Fijians.

It is when we find fault that we find ourselves really at error. We should not merely judged people just because of “Once upon a time” stories or because of foolish actions of few people or simply because the movies presents it so. It is when we find fault that we do not progress and think outside of the box. It is when we find fault that we live each day with fear when in contact with these people. It is when we find fault that we really lose out on an opportunity to learn and interact with people who can help us grow.


Bitter Sweet Truth

decided to check my yahoo mail account since the last three months and was just randomly clicking like the mouse was inspired (gasp) when this came to my attention ——> Difficulties increase the nearer we get to the goal. just so happen i remembered that i subscribed to one of the daily quotes sites that provides quotes daily (mentioning it again, i know)! hmmm, what is my email trying to tell me? i was gonna air him (personifying my email account) and act like i didn’t see that but my conscience mocked me and said “IN YOUR FACE DINE, YOU WANNA CHALLENGE ME NOW?” (stares down) i replied in my head as if my conscience was whole different person and said “IT’S ON” the quote is by a famous poet named Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, despite his trials he surpassed it acknowledging him the most famous poet and perhaps came as close  as any man to deserving the title of universal genius! i’ve noticed it really well how people try to bring you down to their very intent of destroying what you have accomplished not to say the persecutions that you have no idea where it falls in the picture. they say that it is a cultural thing, but be REAL, everyone at one point decided to be the Jane Doe they are and shook hands with jealousy (i admit that i do too) but com’ on people, when will it get old? we are all trying to survive this world in the game of dodgeball, we must help each other (the least you can do is warn) dodge the trials. (facepalm) Impossibility? maybe, but just remember, The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man be perfected without trials! maybe you can turn a blind eye and won’t help that person out and be the good Samaritan we should be but at the end, he won the battle and you are left to decipher how he really did! make life easier and lift a brother up!free_6761632